What We Offer



All ages welcome as long as they can sit alone through the haircut.


Haircut  $12+
Every haircut is executed with precision and
style. You'll walk out of here looking your best.


Classic Neckline Shave
apply a hot towel and pre-shave cream to ensure you get the closest and most comfortable shave possible on the hairline at the back of your neck.

 Any other straight razor work, Beard and Head shaves, done by Airika only. She is our  licensed, willing, shaving Barber..

Beard & Moustache Trim
Beards and moustaches
are in. We will make sure your burly friend is tamed and styled to look better than ever.  

we are Closing until social distance warning has ended. Thank You.

​if you would like to contribute toward shop to help us financially survive feel free to mail it to the shop. we will be getting mail and checking voicemail during this time. 

​Many thanks to all of you who have been with us, see you soon!




527-8444 call,Open Daily,Walk Ins Only

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​WISER MANS CUT (60+YRS)                                 $14.

​REGULAR MANS HAIRCUT(15-59yrs)                    $18.

​SHAVER on scalp ​(razor close)                               $20.

​Fades    all ages                                                $25.

​FLATTOP  all ages                                             $25.​+

​Active Duty Military,Fire,Police          save$4 over$17.       Adult haircut we include  steamed towel+neckline shave,  and hair rinse by request.

​Beard shaping                   $10.+

​Shampoo                          $3.+

​​​Hair +3"  length                                           $25.+

​​not all cutters  do long hair cuts