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Special Offers

BEHIND the Shoe Repair and ShrimpMan bldg.

​attatched to the west endcap of BigLots.

Men's haircut specialists. With your cut you can receive a free hair rinse, hot steamed neck towel, hot lather razor neck shave.

Hot Lather&

weather may influence schedules. call to verify if not the average day.

New Location

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Cut & Shave 

​You'll have difficult time finding  a better cut.

     We are Barbering at it's Best.








From FLATTOPS to FEATHERED cuts, your hair is in good hands.


We use a single edge straight blade, not the kind pictured above.


Established Aug 2016


Our Services




Wed    Closed



Sat       Closed


​we take the wait time up to 30min prior to closing.